Parity Development

Steve has a long track record in community and economic development. Having spent the last ten years as the President and CEO of National Community Renaissance (National CORE), Steve has been a leader and innovator in introducing new solutions to our Nation’s housing crisis.

During the early stages of the pandemic Steve created the Transform So Cal initiative which as a partner with SCAG, SANDAG, all seven Counties, all the major ISPs and leaders from health care, education and many other sectors, has played a leading role in ending the digital divide in Southern California. Transform So Cal has also worked to create locally sources PPE to address the instability of the international supply chain working with LACARE, IEHP and the Hospital Association of Southern California and they have set the groundwork to ensure stable supply for the next significant event that hits the region.

Since leaving National CORE, Steve has joined the Webb Family to address the critical role economic development plays in creating opportunities for wealth creation in the minority community. The Webb’s led the movement to parity within the McDonald’s organization leading to the creation of 200 successful Black owned franchises across the Country. They are working together to create business opportunities for minority entrepreneurs and transformative community revitalization in some of our most challenging neighborhoods. In 2023, Steve and The Webb’s acquired Silver Creek Modular, a modular construction company, of which Steve is currently the CEO.

Steve’s entire career has been built on successful public private partnerships and he is continuously facilitating efforts for successful community transformation.

Steve lives in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife Victoria, they have two daughters Erin and Grace and Grandson Max.

Speaking at the Following:

Feb 20

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Construction Disrupters

2:00pm – 3:15pm
Hilton Austin, Room 406, Floor 4

With labor shortages, construction costs escalating, and interest rates rising, getting housing development to pencil has become even more difficult. While the real estate industry has had numerous false starts with innovative production techniques, have tech and innovation advances and economic realities aligned to make new construction technologies and innovations a scalable solution for our housing shortage? This panel of experts will explore.