AEW Capital Management, L.P.

Mr. Lorda is a Director and Senior Portfolio Manager within AEW’s Private Equity Group, responsible for co-managing the AEW Essential Housing Fund (EHF), which focuses exclusively on multi-family investment. Prior to joining AEW, Mr. Lorda was a Managing Member of Conrad Investment Management, where he utilized research-based metrics to target specific segments of the multifamily sector that were expected to have resilient income potential and led a team focused on underwriting and structuring those transactions. In 2009, he joined Pension Consulting Group (now part of Meketa Investment Group), as a Managing Director, consulting on a non-discretionary basis for the real estate accounts of major institutional investment plans. Mr. Lorda’s prior roles included development, sourcing and underwriting of real estate assets focused on residential properties at both Del Mar Development and Time Equities. Before starting his real estate career in 2006, Mr. Lorda spent six years in international agricultural trading with Bunge and ED&F Man. He earned a BA from Hamilton College and a MS in Real Estate Finance from New York University.

Speaking at the Following:

Feb 21

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Financing Tools to Make Affordable Deals Pencil

10:00am – 11:15am
Hilton Austin, Governor's Salon E, Floor 4

Affordable deals were difficult enough to pencil but have become increasingly challenging as costs escalate and public dollars dwindle. This panel will bring together different perspectives to share other tools and strategies to get more affordable housing built.