Please note: these videos will be available on the conference platform for attendees to watch at any point during the conference.


The Terwilliger Center 2021 Home Attainability Index: Using Data to Inform Housing Policy and Development

The ULI Terwilliger Center’s 2021 Home Attainability Index provides practitioners with an easily accessible resource that can set a data-informed foundation for regional discussions of housing needs and solutions. Specifically, the Index provides a high-level snapshot of the extent to which a housing market provides a range of housing choices attainable to the regional workforce, with an intentional focus on issues related to racial, socioeconomic, and intraregional disparities and inequities.

This session will provide an overview of the Index’s purpose and core components, highlight national findings based on the 2021 Index data, demonstrate more targeted findings from a sample of regions, and discuss what the data and evidence tells us about the mid-to-long term impact of COVID-19 on households and housing markets.

This session serves as a precursor to a live, expert panel discussion on March 17 featuring national, regional, and local housing researchers and practitioners.

Speakers: Christopher Ptomey, Executive Director, ULI Terwilliger Center and Michael Spotts, Senior Visiting Fellow, ULI Terwilliger Center.

A Blueprint for Multifamily Sustainability

With the increasing public focus on climate change and its impacts, new policies affecting building energy performance, and pressure from investors, real estate organizations recognize the strong business case for incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their normal business operations. But building a sustainability program for a real estate portfolio is no simple task, especially for multifamily owners, operators, and developers. Multifamily properties use large amounts of energy and water and require strong resident engagement to reduce emissions and lower costs. Join this session to learn how Sustainability Directors built holistic ESG programs that specifically address the challenges of multifamily assets. Presenters will also provide key takeaways from The ULI Blueprint for Green Real Estate, a recent report for real estate organizations looking to develop or accelerate a sustainability program. Speakers: Renee Loveland, Director of ESG, The Green Cities Company and Scott Lemoine, Senior Director of Sustainability, Verdani Partners.

Interview with the 2020 Robert C. Larson Award Winner

Listen in on this Q&A with the 2020 winner of the Robert C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Award, Vail InDEED. Vail InDEED is an innovative deed restriction purchase program aimed at protecting and preserving existing homes in the community for occupancy by local residents. The Vail InDEED program protects and preserves existing homes in the community from conversion to vacation homes through the recording of a deed restriction that limits occupancy to local residents. Through this program, the Vail Local Housing Authority can use taxpayer funds to purchase deed restrictions on behalf of the Vail community. As a result, an estimated 271 Vail residents have been assured of the availability and affordability of homes in the community. This has all been accomplished with no development risk to the Vail taxpayer and no opposition or NIMBYism due to increases in density, impacts to traffic, changes to neighborhood character, blocking of views, or other similar concerns often expressed by housing development opponents. More information can be found here. Speakers: George Ruther, Director, Town of Vail’s Housing Department and Rosie Hepner, Director, ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing.

Pathways Toward Healthy, Equitable Housing: Lessons from Four Cities

Member-led task forces organized by ULI district councils in Chicago, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Tampa worked during 2019 and 2020 to identify barriers and solutions to creation of healthier and equitable communities. In a series of four rapid-fire presentations, task force members highlight a few of the innovative solutions to the housing crisis uncovered through their work, including bold approaches to community engagement to build support around new ideas. The ULI District Council Task Forces for Health and Social Equity project was led by ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Speakers: William Zeh Herbig, AICP, Senior Director, ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative (host); C.J. Eisenbarth Hager, Director, Healthy Communities, Vitalyst Health Foundation; Bryan Esenberg, Deputy Commissioner, Housing, City of Chicago; Taylor Ralph, LEED AP BD+C, President, Real Building Consultants; and Jose Bodipo-Memba, Director, Sustainable Communities, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).