Tour: Connecting Housing, Health & Services by Creating a Community

Lunch Included
Monday, February 4, 2019 08:00 AM – 5:00 PM Balboa Building, Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Separate Ticket Required

The mobile tour will include presentations, site tours and lunch. Pick-up at 7:45am in front of the Balboa Building (to the right of the Main Entrance).

California is facing a serious housing crisis and Los Angeles County ranks as one of the least affordable rental markets in the nation. Homelessness in LA, as is the case in many other cities in the country, is at an all-time high with some estimates putting the numbers at 47,000 people homeless throughout the county. Housing is the solution to homelessness, and success can be found in developments that focus on providing permanent supportive housing so that people who have experienced homelessness, prolonged extreme poverty, poor health, disabilities, mental illness and/or addiction can lead safe, stable lives in wellness.

Century Villages at Cabrillo

CVC serves as steward, manager, and coordinator for a 27-acre campus community in Long Beach. CVC creates the physical and social conditions where collaborating programs can succeed in overcoming homelessness.  As a social enterprise, CVC engages in property management, real estate development, and community development activities, all uniformly geared around the vision of breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Castelar Apartments in China Town

Constructed in 2003 under the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program, Castelar is a 101-unit multifamily property located in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles. The property is subject to rent restrictions for eligible households. This affordable housing community is highly diverse and partners with Chinatown Service Center (CSC), a nonprofit that provides social services to the residents at Castelar.

Skid Row Housing Trust New Genesis Apartments

Located in the heart of skid row, with 106 units, the New Genesis Apartments has permanent supportive housing for people who were recently homeless, as well as affordable housing for low-income individuals.