Session Topics for Housing Opportunity 2019 will include:

• New Housing Developers: The Entrance of Employers into the Housing Market
This session will feature nontraditional housing developers, including private companies, that have entered the industry to house their own workforce or the workforce of their surrounding community.

• Homelessness: An Ever-Growing Symptom of Larger Industry Concerns
This session will discuss homelessness and different strategies that are working.

• Innovative Technology in Home Construction: Impact on Labor and Costs
Panel on new construction technology and how it can lower costs and increase efficiency for all types of housing.

• If Not Rent Control, What? Practical Tools for Preserving Affordable Housing
In the wake of Prop 10, panelists will discuss the realities of rent control and better tools for preserving affordable housing.

• Homeownership Trends: How to Revive the Attainable Housing Industry
This session will feature research sponsored by ULI Trustee and ULI Foundation Governor, Bob Sharpe, on the attainable housing market, and how to revive this segment of the market that has been left behind in recent years.

• Improving Diversity and Equity through Housing
A panel that discusses best practices in mixed-income and mixed-use communities and housing that serves different races, genders, cultures.

• Opportunity Zones Update: Myths and Reality
This panel will feature experts sharing the latest information on Opportunity Zones.

• Healthy Housing for All
This session will feature a new report that was a joint effort by ULI’s Building Healthy Places team and the Affordable and Workforce Housing product council on innovative solutions to support resident health through housing design, development, and operations.

• Making Green Housing Pencil Out
This session will bring in ULI Greenprint Members to discuss green technology and how to make these features financially feasible. In light of California’s net zero policies for 2020, this session will help attendees overcome budget challenges, and understand the benefits and profits of implementing green features in housing.

• Affordable Housing as an Asset Class: Insights on the Affordable Housing Stock in America and How it Performs as an Investment
Drawing from new research conducted by RCLCO and the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing, this session provides critical new information about what and where the affordable housing stock is in America, and how it performs as a real estate investment.

• Myth Busting: Reframing Housing Affordability
Community opposition is one of the biggest obstacles to producing a sufficient supply of affordable housing. A key challenge for developers, housing advocates and local officials is to address public misconceptions about the causes of the housing shortage, the impacts of new residential development and the social and economic repercussions of not having enough housing to meet demand. This session will offer concrete examples of successful communication strategies.

• Housing Options for an Aging Population
Communities across the country are facing the dual challenges of an acute affordable housing crisis and an unprecedented expansion of the senior population. This session highlights the growing and diverse needs for senior housing and discusses successful residential projects that have made use of public/private partnerships to create affordable senior housing in communities with good access to transportation, amenities, and services.

Available Tours on Monday, February 4, 2019:

Tour 1: Full-Day tour to Long Beach & Los Angeles
Connecting Housing, Health & Services by Creating a Community
Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (lunch included)

Tour 2: Full-Day to Inland Empire
The IE Shift: Where Affordability in So Cal Still Exists
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (lunch included)

Tour 3: Senior housing at Rancho Mission Viejo
Rancho Mission Viejo – Diversity in Planning, Product and Programs
Time: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (lunch included)

Tour 4: Orange County (housing for homeless focus)
Thinking Outside the Box: Innovative Housing Solutions for Society’s Most Vulnerable
Time: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Stay tuned for more information to be made available in coming weeks.