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Meegan Denenberg is the co-founder of Pipeline Philly and Meta Global LLC, parent company to Little Giant Creative, with over 20 years of strategic branding, creative communications and agency experience. She is the driving force and creative oversight behind all of LGC’s client work and Creative Cities Lab, an organization committed to racial and socioeconomic equity as cities invert and demographics shift, via programs that include Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship and A Dream Deferred. Meegan co-created Women Led Cities, an initiative for women of all urban fields to come together and share ideas, tactics, and a unified vision towards equitable city development and planning. LGC is a partner of S&R Holdings, a real estate initiative that focuses on properties in emerging neighborhoods that nurtures public engagement and local communities.

Speaking at the Following:

Mar 16

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Contextual Placemaking: Mixed-Use Spaces that Serve their Communities

11:45 AM – 12:30 PM

No two communities are the same, and the future approach for mixed-use will need to cater to the uniqueness of individual neighborhoods. Acknowledging there is no silver bullet, the panelists will share what they have learned for adding retail to residential spaces and vice versa: What are their guiding principles? How do they engage with […]